Referred CareGivers


Referred CareGivers

The safety and peace of mind of the families and their loved ones are paramount to us. Our recruitment involves a strong screening process for registered caregivers, including running a criminal background check. We also verify previous employment and experience, check references.

Our professional caregivers have a variety of non-medical skills, training, and experiences with many conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Strokes, Cancer, Parkinson Diseases, MS, Disabilities, Injuries from falls or Accidents, Transferring Needs, Surgery Recovery, and more not listed here.

The caregivers that are assigned to your loved ones are dependent on the information and details that are gathered from the initial assessments. Safe Care Solutions guarantees a pool of professionals that have acquired the needed skills and experience, availability, personality, and compatibility are within the preferences of the clients.

Alternatives are readily available and present options. Our contingency process enables and secures any unforeseen circumstances in terms of resources.

Caregivers from our agency are not health care professionals providing skilled nursing services and medical services, they can only provide non-medical caregiving and domestic care.

Our goal is to ensure that we build our reputation with our clients in a positive way so that you can recommend us to your other families and friends.

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